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It's All About Getting Started

Welcome to Thoughts of a Lazy Bowler.

I wanted to start by telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Russell Elsner, I am an avid bowler and a novice writer. One day soon I am going to start the push towards making bowling my career. I am 25, married, and currently work a full time job as an accountant (not like the TikTok sound bite, an actual accountant).

For the past several months I have been looking into ways to create something that others will be able to use/watch/interact with and hopefully learn from. I am a rather introverted person who often finds it hard to make the words come out. Therefore, hopefully this blog will be helpful to myself and to anyone who takes the time to read it.

How I landed on starting a blog

Several years ago during college, I tried to stream on Twitch thanks to my roommate at the time who suggested just trying it. I found a small group of other streamers and tried to stream with them, but could never get the audience numbers to really kick off. This lead to a few months of streaming to myself and maybe a friend or two. I decided that I was going to stop streaming due to my work, school, and relationship schedule taking up the majority of my time.

Fast forward four years, I finished college and moved back to my hometown and started my current job. I still love playing games and thought 'I should start looking to get back into streaming.' Now at this time I was really getting back into bowling (started bowling three nights per week), got married, had a full time job, and had other various life changes, so it made fully committing to streaming a rather difficult task. I started by setting up the various backend portions of a stream like the various scenes, the profile page, and the accounts needed to make it all happen. After getting all of this set up I couldn't find it in myself to ever just start the stream while playing games.

After this second attempt to start streaming, I decided that I am probably better at just creating the backend portions, as I really enjoyed that process, and not the streaming part. I continued to look for ways to interact with others. I started a TikTok account to upload various shots from practice/league/tournaments. This got a small amount of traction but I wasn't able to post on a regular basis as I always forgot to get videos of my shots.

I was starting to run out of ideas for activities that I could do in my spare time to create something for others to interact with. I began to search the internet for an activity that would meet this criteria. That's when I found blogs. Now of course I have read blogs in the past and still read them, I just never though of doing it myself. While I am not the best at writing, I figured I should give this a shot and see where it takes me. This opportunity will also allow me to get better at writing and hopefully help someone else smile.

This blogs main topics will pertain to the following:





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